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Uniti Logo 2019 4cThe world's largest tinnitus study UNITI, funded by the EU, will start soon. The study centers in Athens, Greece, Granada, Spain, Leuven, Belgium, Berlin and Regensburg, Germany, are therefore currently looking for patients between the ages of 18 and 80 with chronic tinnitus who would like to participate in a clinical trial to investigate the effectiveness of single or combination treatments for tinnitus.

In this context, the clinics in Berlin and Granada invite interested patients to take part in the so-called pre-screening, where it should be determined whether you are generally suitable for participation in the UNITI study. To participate in our anonymous online survey, please follow this link

Take part in UNITI-Pre-Screening

On 2nd March, the UNITI team was grateful to convene again, and discuss all ongoing project processes and advancements of our action. It has already been the 5th edition of UNITI TV!

Currently, there is a variety of exciting developments, with large data analysis of scientific data on tinnitus (one pilar of the UNITI study) ongoing and showing first results, as well as busy preparations of the UNITI clinical trial, with pre-screening already started in some clinical centres, and initiated soon in the others. In case of enquiries concerning the status of our work, feel free to contact us!

Everyone is already happy for our next consortium update in a few months, UNITI TV no. 6!

This year's International Tinnitus Awareness Week #TinnitusWeek currently takes place, almost fully virtual, but with an even greater number of partners than ever before!
Under the motto #ThisIsMySilence, many organisations - most prominently the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) - and countless individuals worldwide share their experiences with tinnitus, and express what needs to be done from their point of view.

On our part, with our EU funded research, we aim at a Unification of Treatments and Interventions for Tinnitus Patients (UNITI). Currently, preparations for the UNITI tinnitus clinical trial - one of the largest ever - are in the later stages. Stay tuned for updates!

At the end of January, UNITI and its ambitions and current progress was presented at the yearly Winter Retreat of our UNITI Consortium Partner the University Hospital of W√ľrzburg, Germany, and its Institute for Clinical Epidemiology and Biometry.

We thank the team very much indeed for their most fruitful engagement, especially in the areas of app programming and data analysis - and for presenting UNITI to their colleagues in other areas!

All UNITI wishes all of you and your loved ones the Best, Happiest, and Healthiest 2021!
For us, 2021 will bring many exciting developments, especially the start of our large clinical trial on tinnitus, with clinical centres in Regensburg (Germany), Berlin (Germany), Granada (Spain), Athens (Greece) and Leuven (Belgium). If you are interested in participating in this study or wish to receive more information, feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All project updates will be visible here, as well as on UNITI's social media presences (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Researchgate)! Follow us and stay in touch!


UNITI Clinical Trial

Are you tinnitus patient and interested in participating?

Study start is planned for April 2021.

Take part in Pre-Screening for the clinics in Berlin and Granada

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