The main purpose of the UNITI project is to develop a predictive computational model to predict which treatment is optimal for a given individual patient. The computational model is based on longitudinal data from the UNITI project.UNITI_DSS.png



 This „Decision Support System (DSS)“ is functional since September 2023 and can be used by tinnitus expert. In case you are a tinnitus expert that wants ot use the DSS, please contact us.






Pre-Hearing Aids prediction strategy for tinnitus improvements in subjects with hearing loss and severe tinnitus

Pre-treatment Ongoing Cortical Oscillatory Activity Predicts Improvement of Tinnitus After Partial Peripheral Reafferentation With Hearing Aids


Annemarie van der Waal, Tine Luyten, Emilie Cardon, Laure Jacquemin, Olivier M. Vanderveken, Vedat Topsakal, Paul Van de Heyning, Willem De Hertogh, Nancy Van Loveren, Vincent Van Rompaey, Sarah Michiels, Annick Gilles:
Sex Differences in the Response to Different Tinnitus Treatments.

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