Scientific Coordinator

PD Dr. Winfried Schlee, University Regensburg, Germany


Project Network Manager

Susanne Staudinger, University Hospital Regensburg, Germany


Dissemination Manager

Ilias Trochidis, ViLabs, Cyprus


Working Groups

WP1 Ethics
leader: Winfried Schlee, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University Regensburg, DE

WP2 Project Management
leader: Winfried Schlee, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University Regensburg, DE

WP3 Analysis of Existing Data
leader: Myra Spiliopoulou, Institute for Technical and Operational Information Systems ITI, University Magdeburg, DE

WP4 Harmonization of Technical Solutions
leader: Ruediger Pryss, Clinical Epidemiology and Biometry, University Hospital Wuerzburg, DE

WP5 Intelligent Data Analysis
leader: Eleftheria Vellidou, Institute of Communications and Computer Systems ICCS, National Technical University of Athens, GR

WP6 Genetics
leader: Antonio Lopez-Escamez, Centre for Genomics and Oncology Genyo, Granada, ES

WP7 Randomized Clinical Trial
leader: Berthold Langguth, co-leader: Stefan Schoisswohl, Psychiatry, Center of Neuromodulation, University and University Hospital Regensburg, DE

WP8 Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation
leader: Ilias Trochidis, VILabs, CY


Experts for

Randomized Clinical Trial: Stefan Schoisswohl, Regensburg DE

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Martin Schecklmann, Regensburg DE, Rilana Cima, Leuven BE

Hearing Aid Fitting: Steven Macrum, Regensburg DE, Dimitris Kikidis, Athens GR

Auditory/Sound Stimulation: Patrick Neff, Regensburg DE

Counseling/Psychoeducation: Winfried Schlee, Regensburg DE

UNITI Clinical Trial

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Study start is planned for April 2021.

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