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Adobe pdf symbolAlthough many people with tinnitus also suffer from hyperacusis (enhanced sensitivity to sounds), estimates of the association between hyperacusis and tinnitus are missing. A team of researchers coordinated by Chris Cederroth has now investigated this relationship for the first time. The results of this Swedish study have now been published in J. Clin. Med. 2020, 9(8), 2412; https://doi.org/10.3390/jcm9082412 (registering DOI)

Abstract Book Vancouver 2020 v5 final 1Although the TRI 2020 Tinnitus Conference in Vancouver, CA, had to be postponed, the organizers published an abstract book of the conference which provides an impressive overview about the quality and diversity of the tinnitus research field. This abstract book is the best proof, that tinnitus research is alive and more active than ever before.

A description about UNITI can be found on page 75.

csm BayFOR uniti c 66a92ac76aThe current newsletter of the Bavarian Research Alliance (Bayerische Forschungsallianz) contains a detailed description of the UNITI project. At this point we would like to thank our colleagues of the Bavarian Research Alliance once again for their great support of our EU projects. read article

Image Source: BayFor Newsletter April 2020

The outbreak of coronavirus/COVID-19 throughout Europe and worldwide continues to cause great concern, uncertainty, and anxiety among all of us. Therefore, we extend our best health and safety wishes accross all borders, to everyone affected, all indivduals, families, institutions, countries, and regions.

Our thoughts are especially with our partners in Italy, Spain, and Germany, and everyone else included.

We hope for a swift passing of this international crisis, with the least impact to global health and economy possible.

Especially in this extraordinary situation, we realise how special, vital, strong and fruitful our international cooperation is, and we strive for it to continue, to the benefit of tinnitus research and tinnitus patients in Europe and beyond.

The UNITI consortium.

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On February 14, 2020, the database and mobile app team of UNITI met in Würzburg. Myra Spiliopoulou, Miro Schleicher, Vishnu Unnikrishnan (OVGU Magdeburg), Eleftheria Velidou, ICCS Athens, Rüdiger Pryss and Carsten Vogel (University Hospital Wuerzburg) discussed first steps of the database as well as app unification issues. The Team was also joined by Ioannis Basdekis from the FORTH-ICS, Greece (via Skype). Additional meetings will follow soon.

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