Alterations in auditory brainstem response distinguish occasional and constant tinnitusWe are happy to announce that we have a new paper published: "Alterations in auditory brainstem response distinguish occasional and constant tinnitus" and is available as open access here:

The authors determined that with increasing frequency of the occasional perception of self- reported tinnitus, the odds of reporting constant tinnitus after 2 years increases from 5 for previous tinnitus (sometimes) to 30 for previous tinnitus (often). When previous tinnitus was reported to be constant, the odds of reporting it as constant after 2 years rose to 603, suggesting that once transitioned to constant tinnitus, the likelihood of tinnitus to persist was much greater. Auditory brainstem responses (ABRs) from subjects reporting non-tinnitus (controls), occasional tinnitus, and constant tinnitus show that wave V latency increased in constant tinnitus when compared to occasional tinnitus or non-tinnitus. The ABR from occasional tinnitus was indistinguishable from that of the non-tinnitus controls.


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