The outbreak of coronavirus/COVID-19 throughout Europe and worldwide continues to cause great concern, uncertainty, and anxiety among all of us. Therefore, we extend our best health and safety wishes accross all borders, to everyone affected, all indivduals, families, institutions, countries, and regions.

Our thoughts are especially with our partners in Italy, Spain, and Germany, and everyone else included.

We hope for a swift passing of this international crisis, with the least impact to global health and economy possible.

Especially in this extraordinary situation, we realise how special, vital, strong and fruitful our international cooperation is, and we strive for it to continue, to the benefit of tinnitus research and tinnitus patients in Europe and beyond.

The UNITI consortium.

UNITI Clinical Trial

Are you tinnitus patient and interested in participating?

Take part in Pre-Screening for the clinics in Leuven, Berlin and Granada
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